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White Face Mask KN95 (P2) - Pack 10

While we all still love our reusable and washable fabric face masks, that offer great protection with the P2 filters that are supplied with them,  we have had requests for more disposable options.  We have now sourced packs of 20 disposable face masks meeting the N95 receommendations.


Why N95, KN95 and P2 face masks are recommended

The N95 face masks block up to 95 per cent of particles that come in contact with the mask using a corona electrostatic charging method.

Many experts say cloth and surgical masks don’t provide enough protection, and instead encourage N95 or P2 coverings.


The differing terminology for the masks can be confusing, but all the terms refer to the level of filtration offered by the covering - and there’s no doubting that P2, N95 or KN95 models offer better protection than those made from cloth or other fabrics.

These will start shipping from 28th February and we are offering $7.95 standard freight.


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