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Whether shared over a kitchen table, desk, or backyard fence, tea can enrich the foundation of friendship, as is true of our co-founders Christa White and Monique McCutchan.

Bonding over their love of luxury brews and the art of tea, the pair harnessed their combined expertise in design, branding and sensory research to establish Australia’s leading luxury tea label, Monista Tea Co.

A true fusion of their skills, passion – and even their names – Monista Tea Co. has become a brand that rivals the greatest tea houses of the world. Amongst the brand’s comprehensive list of accolades was the invitation to partner with the National Gallery of Victoria’s premier event, The Art of Tea.

Christa lives with her husband and three children on the family’s property in the Dandenong Ranges where she still practices botanical photography, a passion nurtured from childhood and summers spent picking pomegranates with her Pa in country NSW.

Monique divides her time between Melbourne and the Yarra Valley, where she lives with her husband and three children and is often found pruning and planting tulip bulbs in her country garden or tending to her fruit trees and vegetable garden.

True tea lovers, they believe that every cup is a small but significant ritual to connect with yourself and others.