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Schocolate Milk Easter Chocolate Gold Block 100g

Delight this Easter with Shocolate's Milk Chocolate Easter Bar. This is no ordinary chocolate bar; with a fun Easter Bunny pattern that captures the essence of the season in the most delectable form. Hand-painted and gloriously golden, this Easter bar brings together artisanal craftsmanship and the sheer joy of chocolate, promising a gift that delights on multiple levels. Crafted in Melbourne, this Milk Chocolate Easter Bar stands as a testament to Shocolate's unwavering commitment to redefining the chocolate experience. Using the finest Belgian couverture chocolate, our skilled chocolatiers marry exquisite taste with visual artistry. This is not just a barÑit's a celebration of chocolate, transformed into a tangible piece of Easter joy. Whether given as a gift or enjoyed personally, the Milk Chocolate Easter Bar turns any moment golden. Indulge in a chocolate experience that's as pleasing to the eye as it is to the palate and make this Easter one to remember. Shocolate prides itself on redefining the art of chocolate-making in Australia. From sourcing exotic, local ingredients to hand-crafting each piece with an artistic touch, Shocolate creates a world of gourmet extravagance.