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Canberra Magpie Socks

Starring our nation's clever songbird, our Magpie Socks. Can get a little swoopy on occasion, but hey, don't we all? Magpies can mimic over 35 species of birds, as well as dogs, horses, even human speech. Magpies are so smart, they will recognise a human's face and have even figured out how to safely eat a poisonous cane toad. 

Forget robots taking over the world, we need to watch what the magpies are up to. 


Iconic Canberran socks, designed in Canberra.

For all day comfort, these socks are made of 80% combed cotton, 17% spandex and 3% elastic. Available in women and men's sizes, please refer to the size chart.

Size Chart

Large - EU 42-47

Medium - EU 36 - 42

Size: Medium