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Tree Face Bird Feeder

Bird Feeder Tree Face - 30cm x 23cm

Have you ever looked at a tree and imagined that it might have a face? Maybe you've seen a gnarled, old oak and thought its knotty burl resembled a protruding nose, or you notice the Aspen eyes staring back (which are a self-pruning mechanism) and you pause to see if they blink.

The phenomenon of "tree faces" might seem like a whimsical idea, but there’s some truly curious science behind it. Studies have shown that our brains are wired to spot patterns and faces, even in inanimate objects such as trees. This tendency is called pareidolia, and it explains why we might see a face in the bark of a tree or in the arrangement of leaves.

Tree faces can also be seen as a reminder of the interconnectedness of all living things. Just as we humans have faces that express our emotions and personalities, trees too have unique qualities and characteristics that make them special.

Artists from around the world introduce their tree face creations in various ways, from carving them into trees out in the wilderness as a form of eco sculpture to those who craft woodsy wonders that can be attached to the tree without chiseling into its trunk.

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