Texas Holdem Poker Set

The strengths and weaknesses in a person's character will all be revealed within a game of poker.  Whilst the aim is to gather the highest value of chips by skillfully applying your bets, the true challenge lies in ruthlessly leading your opponents down blind alleys and into hopeless situations.

Apply real life and common sense to your game and you'll become easy to predict, play a random game of calculated and daring moves and you may ultimately win everything.

Are you ready to play ?  Let me see your poker face!



- 2 decks

- 200 poker chips

- Dealer token

Things to Do Before Winter

We love the outdoors, and showcasing our homes to our family and friends.  Some preparation now in the garden, will be given back to in the Summer months.   Follow these 10 steps in your garden to prepare now, and be rewarded later.