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Maisie the Monkey

Maisie is the most organised monkey you will ever meet. She’s may not be athletic like her younger brother, Mani but Maisie’s talents lie behind the scenes of all manner of monkey business administration. Maisie is so knowledgeable that she even taught a couple of the classes in Milo the Monkey’s Monkey Business Masters course: ‘Channelling Cheekiness into Competence’ & ‘Bananas: Superfood or Super Distraction?’ Behind her corporate persona, however, Maisie has strong mama instincts, especially when it comes to her little bro Mani & Mani’s dearest friend, Tesh the Tiger, Maisie is mentoring tigress Tesh in starting her own business & also informally managing her brother’s gymnast career. What a go-getter!

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