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Planet Finska - Croquet Family - 4 Mallets

Our entry level 4 player croquet set is the perfect way to kick start your long-term enjoyment of croquet.
Great for both kids and adults, each set includes: 4 hardwood mallets, 4 quality composite balls (70mm), 9 painted steel wickets (3.7mm) and 2 hardwood stakes.
Yes, the balls are composite not wood! It comes neatly packed in a durable nylon bag and includes easy to follow official rules for both nine wicket backyard croquet and six wicket garden croquet.


Things to Do Before Winter

We love the outdoors, and showcasing our homes to our family and friends.  Some preparation now in the garden, will be given back to in the Summer months.   Follow these 10 steps in your garden to prepare now, and be rewarded later.