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AMETHYST - Premium G & Tea Cocktail Infusions

Inspired by flavours of Thailand through lemongrass, Butterfly Pea, and Ginger root, Amethyst offers a more citrus and subtle spice trail as you follow sip by refreshing sip. Infuse the Amethyst G&Tea bag in your glass and watch as the colour reveals itself as a vibrant blue, by adding tonic to the mix the hue transforms into a striking violet before your eyes.

Each box comes with 10 beautifully packaged and hand-selected tea bags. To ensure you are getting the most of out of your G&Tea experience, each tea bag can be used multiple times in a sitting. 



  1. Place 1 X Bag into your glassware.
  2. Pour 30ml or preferred ratio of Affinity Gin over the tea bag.
  3. Wait a minimum of 5 minutes whilst the infusion takes place, longer if you would like a stronger colour or flavour.
  4. Once infused to your desired strength, add ice to slow the infusion.
  5. Top up with tonic water and most importantly enjoy!

Allergies advice:  

Tea bags are made from corn starch fibre, manufactured in a warehouse containing sesame products where gluten may be present.

The intensity of colour may vary from teabag to tea bag as during the manufacturing process the quantities of ingredients may not distribute evenly every single time. To ensure that you only get the best products in your hands we inspect all our tea bags by hand before packaging.

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