Fox and Friends Fabric Decals

One of our favourite illustrated characters is this foxy little fellow, he's the star of all our Fox & Friends set. This Scandi-Inspired Fox has style, class... & a gorgeous bushy tail that’s been known to stop traffic! Our beautifully whimsical fabric wall decal stickers feature hand-drawn designs that will instantly create magic in any babies nursery or kids room. 


Our lovingly designed decals personalise any space and can be arranged however you wish, they are re-usable and removable artwork! Perfect for getting the layout just right… or for putting them back up easily when little fingers decide to re-decorate.

Our fabric decals are:

  • Designed and made in Australia
  • Non toxic - using a water-based adhesive
  • Please keep in mind we feel that they don’t stick on new paint that contains Teflon as well.

Things to Do Before Winter

We love the outdoors, and showcasing our homes to our family and friends.  Some preparation now in the garden, will be given back to in the Summer months.   Follow these 10 steps in your garden to prepare now, and be rewarded later.