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Grey days go away! Poolside afternoons, bring them on! Live an unforgettable summer with the Pineapple Maxi Pool Ring, the inflatable maxi ring for swimming pool, your perfect partner if you are in a I-want-to-relax mood. Ever dreamed of swimming in a crystal clear topical sea? Then the Pineapple line is your match!

The pool ring has super cool glitters on the inside.
2 durable handles for better stability
Not suitable for under 14 years old
Includes a self-adhesive patch to repair small holes
Weight supported: 80 kg
Material: PVC with 0.20 mm thickness, plastic handles

Things to Do Before Winter

We love the outdoors, and showcasing our homes to our family and friends.  Some preparation now in the garden, will be given back to in the Summer months.   Follow these 10 steps in your garden to prepare now, and be rewarded later.