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Sanitise - the word of the day

Who would have thought 'sanitiser' would be the word every person uses many times a day.  I've always stocked a beautiful hand sanitiser from the UK fashion designer 'Cath Kidston'.  I stocked Cath Kidston as I really loved her style and brand, when I lived in the UK many years ago.  These little sanitisers made great little gifts for friends and neighbours, as they just slipped into a greeting card and are so pretty in their design. 

My beautiful Cath Kidston is now going to be out of stock for many many months, so looking for an alternative, I went on the search to find what I could.  With COVID-19 our hands are drying out, from the washing, the soap, the hand sanitiser. 

What I found was an 'Australian Made' product from Brisbane.  Like many other stories at this time, I found a mother and son who are working together - her beauty business and his olive orchard  - are now making 'olive hand sanitiser'.

On first use you do get a whiff of alcohol and then once you rub it in, the soothing olive leaf extract leaves your hands nice and soft.  The other benefit is the glass bottle is refillable, so this new product has a few benefits.

1. it kills 99.9% of germs on our hands, keyboards, phones etc

2. its made in Australia

3. the bottle is refillable, so we are reducing our landfill

I decided to do a little video to introduce our new friend, and so far its reached more than 10,000 people - wow, gotta love social media.

In these uncertain times, we just need to be adaptable and have a positive attitude.  


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